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Capstone Paper

Improve Usability for Websites of Small Businesses

University of Denver

University College - Capstone Seminar

Thesis Statement

Small organizations must implement cost-effective usability methods early on in the web development cycle to improve user experience on all display devices for lower cost and efficient development.


Issues due to lack of usability

Not adjusting to different screen sizes

Difficult to understand or read content

Improper navigation

Not enough or too much information

Complicated to use

Cluttered layout

Slow-loading website

Not designed for the target audience




User-centered Design

Organize Content and Information

Consistent, Clean and Straightforward Layout and Design

Proper Navigation


Responsive Design

Page Speed

Usability Testing


Benefits of a usable website

Increased revenue generation from website

Satisfied customer resulting in return customers

Early implementation is cheaper

Save money on support

Less training cost for internal websites

Broad customer base when using responsive design

Increase productivity and efficiency

Improve user interface and user experience based on user feedback from testing


Do a cost-benefit analysis to get the projected return on investment for the usability of a website

Web design companies should promote usability

Educational institutions should focus on usability training

More research in developing cost-effective usability methods

More awareness on the importance of usability

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